WisePad™ 2 Common.SECC Certification Opens More Opportunity in the UK

BBPOS is proud to announce that WisePad™ 2 has gone through the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation process and is now the first BBPOS product to be awarded Common.SECC Certification. This rigorous process identifies the areas where a Point of Interaction (POI) product can be compromised and then exploited. This certification helps ensure that the environment(s) where a device and/or software is designed, developed, produced, stored, transported, or sold is secure. The goal is to eliminate security risks in the financial transaction chain. The CC evaluation process examines the entire life-cycle of a POI product to determine if the device is secure before it is active and while it is in service.

Common.SECC Certification is a critical step in expanding our business into the United Kingdom and other European Union countries. This certification acknowledges and readily identifies BBPOS as a reputable and reliable technology provider in the mobile point of sale (MPOS) industry. Because Common.SECC certificates are issued for a specific POI, within a specific version of hardware and/or software, BBPOS applied for WisePad™ 2 Plus evaluation separately. We expect certification for WisePad™ 2 Plus to follow shortly. For a copy of the Letter of Acceptance (LoA), please contact your BBPOS Sales Executive or email us at sales@bbpos.com.