Outdoor Venues

Covering Nub’s Nob
Big spaces mean big challenges—and big sales!

Located in northern Michigan, Nob’s Nub is family-oriented ski resort. Here customers enjoy time indoors and out. Since landlines are not an option at the lifts or on the slopes, devices must also be self-contained, able to save information, and reliable and secure enough to share transaction information wirelessly with payment processors and the back office. Cayan, a U.S. based payment gateway, found the perfect solution in the BBPOS WisePOS™ product running their Genius® application. WisePOS™ is compact and light-weight enough to fit in a server’s pocket or guide’s ski-jacket but powerful enough to perform across large areas and under extreme conditions. It is the payment solution for businesses that serve customers in large, outdoor venues like playing fields, golf courses, boardwalks, marine parks, and wilderness areas. WisePOS™ is the answer where infrastructure is limited…but sales are not!


• Accommodate transactions across a large indoor/outdoor footprint
• Provide connectivity and reliability where infrastructure is limited
• Maintain network stability
• Accept all payment options—magstripe, EMV, and NFC
• Relocate sales stations and devices in response to changing weather conditions
• Provide a complete mPOS solution to accommodate various transaction types
• Collect and provide real-time visitor, lift, and sales data to the back office


  • WisePOS™ is compact and totally mobile to accommodate indoor and outdoor sales
  • WisePOS™ remains reliable and secure where infrastructure is limited
  • WisePOS™ provides magstripe, EMV, and NFC card readers, as well as a barcode scanner
  • WisePOS™ processes transactions in real-time, and sends customer receipts via email
  • WisePOS™ creates backups on the device SIM card
  • WisePOS™ allows backend system monitoring of all devices
  • WisePOS™ compiles and analyzes big data — in real-time — for lift, rental, and inventory management


• Inexpensive setup of temporary or seasonal ticketing stations
• Total mobility to accommodate sales anywhere in the lodge, the property, or the slopes
• Suitable for manned stations or self-serve kiosks
• Streamlined ticketing, sales, and rental processes
• Real-time patron counts and sales/rental data by device/station
• Monitoring and analysis using a suite of sophisticated apps