Event Ticketing

Dubai World Cup
Horse Racing Event Ticketing Solution

As “The Richest Race in the World,” the Dubai World Cup exemplifies a world-class event with enormous crowds, limited and urgent transaction windows, and complicated transactions. This prestigious event requires a no-glitch, payment transaction system that is quick, reliable, mobile—and, most importantly, secure. BBPOS meets the challenge with WisePad™. Customized apps extend event sales and ticketing beyond venue gates: at retail outlets, within organizations, and by corporate sponsors. Onsite, WisePad™ portability allows ticketing stations to be relocated as needed to keep lines short and patrons moving from curbside to trackside quickly. WisePad™ captures and processes ticketing sales information in real-time, to tabulate revenue and attendance numbers.


• Enhance patron experience.
• Improve gate to trackside pass-through speed.
• Provide a truly mobile, mPOS solution that allows “floating” ticketing stations.
• Minimize device size and weight, and limit the need for peripheral devices.
• Maximize device functionality to provide real-time information and seat assignments.
• Distribute payment acceptance beyond the event gates and prior to the event day.


  • WisePad™ reduces hardware costs by 50%.
  • WisePad™ is light and compact; it is easy to carry and relocate as crowds shift.
  • WisePad™ processes ticket transactions in real-time, and sends receipts via email.
  • WisePad™ compiles weekly/monthly sales reports, patron lists, and/or attendance numbers.
  • WisePad™ provides extended functionality using a suite of sophisticated apps.


• Inexpensive setup of temporary ticketing stations.
• Rapid relocation of stations to manage ticketing queues.
• Suitable for manned stations or self-serve kiosks.
• Real-time ticket processing and seat assignment.
• Streamlined ticketing and patron entry processes.
• Real-time patron counts by device/station.