Leadership Team

As the founders and innovators of mPOS technology,
we are committed to pushing the current boundaries of
mPOS technology, to meet our clients’ needs and to
lead the way for future development.


Ben Lo

Chairman, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ben Lo founded BBPOS in 2008. As BBPOS’ Chief Technology Officer, Ben currently leads the company’s innovation and technology efforts and manages the design of emerging POS hardware and software. Captivated with innovative design and development, Ben upholds our core value regarding innovation: “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of mPOS innovation and leading the way for future development.” Committed to broadening the application of and accessibility to new transaction technologies, Ben has been pushing the boundaries of POS innovation since developing the first mobile POS device in China in 2000. Ben holds a number of patents and has contributed to many notable publications.


Jimmy Tang

Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect

Jimmy Tang co-founded of BBPOS in 2008. With almost 20 years of experience in research and development, Jimmy has extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in cutting-edge technology. “We provide our clients with the best technology available today, but we are a team of visionary innovators and designers. It is critically important that we stay aware of industry trends, and develop the tools our clients will need to enhance their business operations in the future.” Jimmy’s technical expertise includes a profound understanding of payment systems, cryptography, security, and EMV transactions. And…as a co-founder, Jimmy has unique insight into BBPOS’ goals, abilities, and intellectual property. Jimmy is able to combine BBPOS hardware with an array of software and services to imagine, develop, and deliver secure and robust, end-to-end solutions.