The inventor of mPOS technology

In 2008, BBPOS founders recognized the untapped potential of smartphone technology and worked to integrate this new tool into the payment transaction process; we are now known throughout the payment transaction industry for developing systems and services ahead of technology trends. We are, in fact, one of the founders of mPOS technology. We are also recognized as an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of end-to-end mobile POS (mPOS) solutions for retail, hospitality, delivery, transportation, and government clients. Our innovation and leadership has allowed us to become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mPOS solution providers. Our goal is building partnerships with organizations that expect speed, reliability, and versatility from their mPOS system…and support from the company behind the system.


BBPOS is known throughout the payment transaction industry for developing systems and services ahead of technology trends. Our vision is and always has been…

“We are innovators – we plan to lead the mobile payments industry where few can imagine going today.”


To create secure, high quality, flexible and affordable payment solutions that deliver the highest standards of security in any environment.


As the founders of mPOS technology, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of mPOS innovation and leading the way for future development.

With innovation and design close to heart, we understand that ingenuity comes from curiosity and experimentation.

Each business has a unique set of needs, wants and challenges. We remain flexible and versatile to stay relevant to each customer.

A Success Story

In the summer of 2008, while waiting to pay for a coffee, a bright, young engineer sketched an idea on his notebook: smartphone + card reader = a whole new world. From that simple idea, BBPOS was born. Fueled by a passion for innovation, a few young entrepreneurs developed the idea of a mobile payment system into a global company; BBPOS is among the top five mPOS distributors in the world. We achieved recognition as a global leader through our commitment to visionary innovation, world-class design, and outstanding quality. We also enjoy sipping a cup of good coffee, as we sit and listen to our customers.


  • Nilson Report ranked BBPOS Top 5 Globally!
  • Became a member of the mobility partner program, organized by Apple Enterprise
  • Launched Chipper™ 2X BT and Chipper™ BT


  • Launched Chipper™ 2X, WisePad™ 2 and WisePOS™
  • Set up regional offices in the USA, the UK, Singapore and Shanghai


  • Launched a second generation of mPOS devices
  • Launched the BBPOS partnership program
  • Shipments reached three million units per annum to 50 countries


  • Launched two new products – WisePad™ and Chipper™ Mini 2
  • Expanded into India, Middle East and Africa markets


  • Work with Lakala to bring mPOS to China
  • Shipment reached ONE million units


Shipped 400,000 units to North America


BBPOS entered North America market


Started an innovation project backed by government funding


Founded BBPOS

Leadership Team

As the founders and innovators of mPOS technology, we are committed to pushing the current boundaries of mPOS technology, to meet our clients’ needs and to lead the way for future development.


As a company of innovators and designers, BBPOS develops products that meet today’s needs and are in front of tomorrow’s challenges. Usability and cutting-edge design are intrinsic elements of BBPOS products, but security is paramount. All BBPOS devices, products, and services keep your systems secure and your customers’ data safe. BBPOS is PCI certified — a voluntary step beyond PCI compliance — that guarantees BBPOS meets the most stringent data protection standards.