Pay at the Table

Pay at the Table
Providing fast and secure customer payments

Enhance every great dining experience with pay at the table convenience, speed, and security. WisePOS™ is so light-weight and compact that servers can now carry this all-in-one device with them and present the check immediately when appropriate or asked. Best of all, guests feel secure when paying—checks are present at the table—the card never leaves the customer’s possession or sight.


• Increase card and customer security
• Reduce the weight and size of the device to pocket-size
• Provide additional functionality like ordering or back office processes
• Maximize the device functionality to provide real-time sales information and reports


  • WisePOS™ is an all-in-one device that accepts NFC, magstripe, and EMV transactions
  • WisePOS™ is light and compact; it is easy to carry
  • WisePOS™ processes transactions in real-time, and sends receipts to a printer or via email
  • WisePOS™ communicates with backend systems to settle payments


• Cards remain with customers, reducing security risks
• Billing time has been reduced to less than one minute, increasing customer satisfaction
• Devices are easily transitioned during shift changes
• Payment solutions sync with ordering and back office systems