Virtual Mall

Virtual Mall
The Next Generation of Self-Service-Shopping

Retailers of all types are exploring the reality of the virtual mall, a world where consumers can pull digital products from shelves, explore 3D versions of the products, make selections, and add the selected items to a virtual basket for immediate pick up or at-home delivery. WisePad™ 2 is an EMV-certified, mobile payment solution that allows customers to complete their virtual transactions with their debit or credit card.


• Reduce the cost and hassle of hiring, training, and managing cashiers.
• Relocate the virtual mall when it moves to new venues.
• Minimize device size and weight, to enhance the customer experience.
• Limit the need for peripheral devices.
• Maximize the device functionality to provide real-time sales information and reports.


  • WisePad™ 2 reduces hardware costs by 50%.
  • WisePad™ 2 is light and compact; it is easy to carry and relocate.
  • WisePad™ 2 processes transactions in real-time, and sends receipts to a printer or via email.
  • WisePad™ 2 compiles weekly/monthly sales reports.
  • WisePad™ 2 communicates with backend systems to settle payments.


• Inexpensive setup of temporary sales stations.
• Easy relocation when a virtual mall moves.
• Accepts secure payments anywhere.
• Payment solutions sync with digital merchandizing systems.
• Real-time transaction processing and validation.
• Always-available and user-friendly.
• Paperless transactions.